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About Us

Mr. Bowl ceramics are made by two friends Rasa and Indre. We are friends since the school time and know each other for almost 20 years. We are pillars for each other, an incentive to grow. Our story begins from attempt to make a perfect bowl. At first it was just a ceramic bowl – small, big, simple, colorful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes very stylish, of different size or shape, but always made by our hands with lots of passion and love. During these few years, while we were trying to make a perfect bowl, we understood - they are all perfect - they are almost round, almost even, some with fingerprints, and all these small imperfections make them look unique, handmade, filled with love and care. Today it's not just a bowl, it's Mr. Bowl. What is more, he is not alone. We make different kinds of dishes and home decor items. We believe dishes can be not only functional, but beautiful as well. Drinking tea or coffee from the hand-made cup is much more tastier. In our ceramic works we strive to combine the beauty and functionality. Our bowls are designed not only to decorate table, but also to keep fruits in them or serve salads. Our vases are used to furnish shelves as well as soak flowers. Plates are used day after day, mugs do not wait for the weekend, when it is sunny and warm outside, and they are our sun and warmth filed with the hot tea, coffee or chocolate every morning. We would be really glad if our handmade ceramics will warm your hands, delight your eyes, find the right place at your beautiful home and make every day and every dinner with your family more delicious.


Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about our works! Call us; send us an email or direct message. We are always ready to help you! If we didn't reply immediately - probably our hands are soaked up in clay. We will come back to You as soon as we get clean :)